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Recently I was zooming with Sue, a dear friend I’ve known since middle school. Sue had battled breast cancer years ago, and won. Because of this people often label her “heroic.”

“I don’t like it when people call me heroic.” she said, “What does that mean? If I’m heroic for surviving, does this mean women who fought just as hard as I did, but didn’t make it, aren’t heroic? I mean, the antonym of heroic is cowardly.” …

Almost 250 years after Abigail Adams’ plea to “Remember the ladies,” we’re still an afterthought

As a woman who wrote a book rooted in women’s empowerment and intersectional feminism, I have had many people wish me a happy Women’s History Month. I’ve also been asked to write articles and will be giving talks in honor of the month. While I’ve been honored to participate, the truth is I feel like a bit of a hypocrite. Why? Because while I think Women’s History Month is necessary, I am appalled by the concept.

Women are half the population. Why are we celebrating being given 1/12 of the year? And why do we not find it unconscionable that…

Sometimes our feelings are spot on, but sometimes they are an outgrowth of toxic societal messages

I hated being told what to do when I was a parent of young kids, and vowed I wouldn’t do it to other people.

But I will admit that yesterday I cracked.

Recently I went to spend the day with Jacob, a new parent. His wife was away for the weekend and Jacob had been left with bottles of pumped breastmilk and their ten-week-old baby… for three days. Lest you have issues with this, men have been going away on business since the time business trips began and no one batted an eyelash. So, if you’re feeling all judgy, feel…

The motivational speaker and author overcame trauma. Now, Eliza VanCort helps women live “unapologetically.”

Here is a link to an exclusive story People Magazine wrote about me today. My mother is still a missing person. I hope is that someone will read this, somewhere, and know what happened to her… So please help me amplify this story… Give it a clap. Share it on social. Whatever you can to amplify our story would be a appreciated. Be well, and give the people you care about a hug. Tell them you love them more than you think you should. …

There’s Interrupting and Then There’s Friendterrupting

Many of the men I know, whether friends or colleagues, have been tiptoeing around me ever since I began writing a book about women claiming space. Those who know I wrote a chapter on interruptions have become hypersensitive (read — fully freaked out) about cutting me off mid-sentence.

Yesterday I got this text from a man who had interrupted me, big time, but not as much as I had been interrupting him! We are also good friends, and he works hard not rock his privilege.

“After we got off the phone, I realized I interrupted you during our last conversation…

This week, I gave an interview to Authority Magazine about my experience after being hit by a car. It was a long recovery, and what I learned changed the course…


We live in a time when getting too close to others might literally kill us, and that simple but horrific fact has changed everything. Our ability to connect has been compromised by forced distance from one another, and it’s taking a heavy toll.

Recently I was at a local café when, without warning, a woman bolted out of line and walked over to an isolated table. After a few very shaky deep breaths, tears began spilling out of her eyes. Normally I would have walked over to her and checked in. In the age of Covid-19, I was utterly paralyzed…

Me holding a sign while protesting with my parents in the 1970s.

Political Parenting = Moral Parenting

Recently, I was speaking to a couple who told me their daughter had come to them looking for guidance. They don’t talk much about politics in their family, and it was her first-time voting. She didn’t know what to do, or how to vote. She wasn’t sure she understood the issues. Their answer to her was this: “You’ll be fine.”

Really? She’ll be fine?

It’s 2020. We have catastrophic numbers of small businesses shuttering, a rise in drug and alcohol abuse, anti-Black violence, not to mention fire, plague, voter suppression, murder hornets whose sting reportedly feels like fire searing your…

Where are the tampons?

News outlets have been scrambling to offer readers Coronavirus Quarantine Shopping Lists, and for the most part they’ve been doing an incredibly thorough job. What should we get for our pets? What board games will stave off cabin fever? What do you need to stock up on for your PLANTS? (Thankfully, we are safe. There is no run on Miracle Grow. No need to panic. Yet.) There is, however, one category these lists seem to be missing: stuff for women. I, for one, have been simply shocked and amazed that women’s needs are being overlooked! SHOCKED! (That was a joke.)…

Eliza VanCort

Author of the bestselling book, “A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space: Stand Tall. Raise Your Voice. Be Heard.” (website:

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