Girl, Watch Your Privilege

How Trickle Down Feminist Authors Inspired My Book

4 min readJan 18, 2022


People often ask me what books influenced my bestseller, “A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space.

Here’s the politic answer.
Many authors informed my love of writing. Dr. Maya Angelou, whose books helped me survive middle school, was a major influence.

While true, this is only part of the story.

Here’s the whole truth.
There are wildly popular books out there aimed at women which I found to be profoundly damaging. I won’t call out any one book in particular, as there are many, although I’ll admit the title of this article is my not-so-subtle call out to one of the worst offenders.

Books falsely claiming to empower women often have three glaring problems. I was determined to write a book which addressed all three.

Catering to the Richest Women: Screw the Glass Ceiling. Trickle Down Feminism Doesn’t Work.

“Women need to break the glass ceiling. That’ll solve everything!”
“Um… I can’t afford to feed my kids.”
“Don’t worry. When I’m CEO my wealth will trickle down. Trust me.”

A lot of books bemoan the fact that women can’t break the glass ceiling because institutional systems are blocking our path. This is absolutely true.

But you know what? I’m SO DONE with talk about the glass ceiling.

Should we be wringing our hands because .01% of the population can’t put a higher number on the front of their six-figure salary after they graduate from Harvard?
Is this the worst problem women are facing? Really? During a time when women are confronted with rising underemployment, skyrocketing unemployment, ongoing lack of affordable health care (in the midst of a pandemic!), prohibitively expensive higher education, grossly inequitable public schools for their kids and increasing food insecurity, is this where we should be focusing our energy?

Yes, it is true that women are not represented as CEOs in the Fortune 500.
But that’s the tip of a very gigantic iceberg.